What is Affiliate Hosting?

Unique IP-Adressess
The two biggest reasons why you should spread out your IP’s over more than 1 IP is to protect your sites. It’s harder to track your sites when they are spread out, you can also use the Link Power better if the sites are on different IP’s.
Website Speed
When you are runing affiliate sites one of the most important features is speed. If your website loads faster it will get higher Searc Engine Rankings and your visitors will have a better experiance browsing your website.
Simple Control
By hosting all your sites on 1 server instead of 10 different hosting companies you get a super simple over view and control of all your sites. You only have one login, one invoice and one server to handle all your sites.
Unbeatable Support
Our staff has more than 20 Years of Exerpiance in the Hosting Industry, but not only that, we have over 12 years exerpiance in the Affiliate Industry. Wich makes our product one of the best on the marketing today.

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Affiliate Hosting
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